Cornwall Farm Business Awards 2016

25 Feb 2016
Cornwall Farm Business Awards 2016
We would like to offer huge congratulations to three of our customers who received awards at the Cornwall Farm Business Awards 2016.
Paul George from Nansmerrow Farm, Tresillian won both the Cornwall Dairy Farmer and Farmer of the year awards.
Anne Sweet from Ventonarren Farm, St Newlyn East won Cornwall's Inspirational Farmer 2016 award.
Richard Mann from Boscreege Farm, Gulval won Best Young Farmer.
Well done to all three their success is very much deserved.



2 Feb 2016
RT10 Dairycentre Ltd are pleased to announce that we are now the sole distributor for Cornwall, Devon & Somerset for the RT10 platinum somatic cell counter with pathogen recognition.
The RT10 PLATINUM is an advanced somatic cell counter that uses the well-established methodology of fluorescing microscopy in combination with an Apple iPod, to produce a highly accurate reading of somatic cell counts in raw milk after only 40 seconds.
With the integration of the RT10 and the iPod, th...e device is able to store and transmit (via Wi-Fi) test data including photos of the cell samples tested. It also allows the farmer to monitor milk samples at the Bulk Tank, composite and Quarter level, providing the farmer a rich picture of herd health that can be tracked over time. Utilising this data allows the farmer to make rapid and accurate management decisions on treatment and herd health that directly leads to increased productivity.
An additional feature of the RT10 is its capability to indicate potential pathogen, causing elevated SCC. While this does not provide a diagnosis, it does give the farmer more information about the animal that can be used in conjunction with a veterinarian to quickly determine treatment options.
The RT10ís particular strength is in its ability to identify sub-clinical mastitis, by being able to identify mastitis at an earlier stage, and with accurate SCC and visual indication. The farmer can employ treatment earlier and ensure more effective outcomes for animal health. It also can reduce the requirement for anti-biotic use as early identification can bring into play alternative treatments.
The RT10 will give you instant results on drying off, eliminating the need for anti-biotics on low SCC cows. No waiting for expensive lab results, get your own accurate results in just 40 seconds.
Starter kits available now include RT10 platinum, IPOD touch, 72 sample cassettes and belt carry bag.
For more details and or a demonstration of the RT10 Platinum please contact Ian Parnell
Mobile/whats app 07739 791075 or email ian@dairycentre,net

Leader grant scheme

31 Jan 2016
Leader grant scheme

The Leader Grant Scheme is now open.
Theeligible items under the grant are:


-Cluster Flush

-Robotic Milking Systems

-Automatic Footbaths

-Vacuum Pumps

-LED Lighting for livestock housing

-Gait Analysis Systems

-Collar Based Rumination Systems


-Calving Detectors

-Electronic Weight Systems linked to EID

-Oestrus Detection in Suckler Cows

-Mobile Handling Systems




-Remote Cop Sensing Systems

-Crop Robotics

-Rainwater Harvesting and Recycling

-Controlled Atmosphere Storage

-Trailing Shoe Slurry System including GPD and macerators 

-Slurry Separator


-Air Scrubbers and Heat Exchangers

-Recycling Poultry Litter Systems

-Real Time Monitoring of Pig Production

-Water Filtration Systems

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for funding on any of the above