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Horn'Up Rechargeable Dehorner.
For use on calves only
The Horn'Up rechargeable dehorner is the total dehorning solution that respects animal welfare.
Dehorning takes just 7 seconds per horn, the bud is not removed, it's cauterised, preventing further horn growth.
It is important that calves are dehorned during the first 4 weeks of age, or as soon as the horn bud can be detected.
At 6 to 8 weeks of age the horn is attached to the skull and it is not possible to use the Horn'Up dehorner.
The Horn'Up has a pistol grip making it easy to operate with one hand.
Powered by the latest generation NiMh battery, one charge will dehorn a minimum of 40 calves, the battery life is a minimum of 4 years, with a life expectancy of 30,000 cycles.
The heating element reaches 700 degrees C in just 1 second and is held at this temperature for the 7 second cycle by the microprocessor temperature management system.